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Joanna Grabska – Inspirer of Your Transformation

You can teach other what you stand for, only that and that much.

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

“What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people”
Maori Proverb.

For more than 19 years I assist and help companies and its employees to support courageous and deep changes in organisations and private life. I am said to inspire to make decisions emerging deep from heart and soul. I do insist to leaving “comfort zone” that I call rather the zone of fear, “convenience”, and illusive safety.

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How pure is your intention?

“This is the truth. It is tireless. The truth will not leave you in peace. It pushes against you all the time, from everywhere showing how it all really is. It may tease and irritate”. – Neale Donald Walsch- Conversations with God – book 1″....

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How to leave zone of delusion

In the previous article ( post), I described and gave my own definition of so called “comfort zone”. My definition is just completely opposite to common meaning. I called it “zone of dilusion, zone of fear”. How to leave the zone of fear? I...

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Comfort zone – REALLY?

You probably know this popular phrase: “If you want to make change you have to leave your comfort zone.” This is what we repeat all over and again.Im my opinion thoughtlessly. Yes – thoughtlessly. Just think. What kind of comfort is to be stuck at...

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Soul based decision

How to make profoundly good decisions? For sure, you have made hundreds decisions so far. You have reached many goals. Maybe, there are some decisions you regret. There are also decisions that you would never change. And there are some decisions that you still...

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Empathy according to Navaho Indians.

Probably you are wondering what the heck it is about, and who are Navaho Indians. Navahoes are one of the biggest tribes in The USA. And they still have very interesting tribal ritual. If you have any problem, you are in bad mood, you are frantic with negative...

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Hell is cold, hell is frosty

Some time ago, I was talking to my friend. So called night talk, sincere, deep, even spiritual. Discussion about emotions, feelings, self-awarness, how we really express it. And he said one specific sentence : “You know Joana, hell is not hot, hell is not...

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What is really important for you ?

When have you wondered – how long you would live? It came to me some days ago. My close friend and political situation in Europe have made me think about it. And even without any special motives and observations- just a question for you :Do you really know have much...

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