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In the previous article ( post), I described and gave my own definition of so called “comfort zone”. My definition is just completely opposite to common meaning. I called it “zone of dilusion, zone of fear”. How to leave the zone of fear?

I will start with some examples and connect it with practical exercise. You may do it here and now. Take into consideration 1 situation in your life that you call – I am in the ” comfort zone”. For example, you have worked in the same company for many years. Your situation is secure, you have got your money on your accout every month, no surprises, even surprises are predictable. And somewhere deep inside, something is pinching you.

1. Now take a sheet of paper.

Draw a round circle. 🙂

2. In that circle, write the most true, honest, nacked answer to the question:

What do you cheat yourself with , claiming – this is comfort zone for me?
Write what is coming to you.
Leave thinking and judging. Just write.
This is how the leaving the zone starts.
Call things by name. In the mirror of yourself.
If it pains, and you feel discouraged, or you are angry, or you want to stop it – it is ok.
Write, write, what is coming to you. Even if it is very uncomfortable.

3. When you have finished, answer the following question:

What is the purpose of all the pretending?
Write on, keep on writing.

4. How do you feel when you pretend?

Write on, keep on writing.


Imagine, that all you have written is not in your life any more.
Feel it.
And answer:
What actions are coming to your mind?
How do you feel when you are free from all that stuff?


What are you starting to do to feel the freedom in your real life?
Do You know- when is the best time to change?
Is it tomorrow, has it already passed, maybe 1 of January?
MANAWA – this is Hawaiian word- meaning moment of your power is now.
So NOW – to the zone of COMFORT, your comfort.